Our Leadership Principles

How we work to grow our people and our business

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At Distinguished Vineyards, our Core Purpose is to ‘enrich our world by championing sociability and helping people to live well’. These 10 Leadership Principles are for everyone across our business and help guide us in how we work to grow our people and do our business.

Always customer at the heart

We are obsessed with the needs of our customers. We earn their trust to be their first choice. We keep our commitments to drive hard for results and deliver growth.

Think big and never settle

We make innovation a priority, creating new and better ways to be successful. We look for ways to improve and simplify. We talk about our failures and learn from them. We look for new ideas everywhere.

Own it. Deliver it

We own issues and solve problems. We apply sound judgement to make quality decisions. We improvise, we adapt, and we accomplish more with less.

Move fast

We drive for results by creating urgency to make things happen. We are accountable, don’t wait for permission and expect the same from others. We are prepared to disagree and commit, and then get behind the decision.

Create trust

We gain the confidence and trust of our external stakeholders and each other through integrity and doing what we say we will. We value expertise and empower each other to make decisions and take risks.

Act inclusively

We value sociability and relationships. We show our respect and act to welcome difference. We listen attentively and ask for different perspectives. We are self aware. We never make anyone feel like an outsider.

Be brave

We challenge the status quo and lead courageously to create change. We focus on the essentials and overcome barriers. We talk straight and don’t shy away from tough conversations.

Do the right thing

We strive to make a difference to those around us and the world we live in, both for today and tomorrow. We never jeopardize safety, reputation or quality.

Best we can be

We believe in being the best we can, really making a difference and having a great time doing it. We are passionate about developing and growing our people.

Win together

We work hard together, we have fun together and we are always focused on doing better tomorrow. We consult with the right people, not everyone. We recognize and celebrate success.

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