Our Leadership Principles

How we work to grow our people and our business

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At Distinguished Vineyards, our Core Purpose is to ‘enrich our world by championing sociability and helping people to live well’. These 5 Leadership Principles are a combination of behaviors, actions, mindsets, and values that enable us to accelerate the change in our culture to support consumer and customer focus, accountability, innovation, and marketplace success. These Leadership Principles are for everyone across our business and help guide us in how we work to grow our people and do our business.

Be first choice with consumers, to win with customers.

We are customer and consumer obsessed, and we place their needs and interests at the heart of our business.

Think beyond, innovate and adapt.

We are curious and courageous as we look to future horizons. In constant pursuit of improvement, we are comfortable with change, not with complacency.

Decide fast and make it happen.

We take action and we hold ourselves accountable. We strive for progress over perfection.

Welcome difference and stand for fairness.

We seek diverse perspectives and encourage voices to speak up for what is right. We commit ourselves, and our work, toward progress and equality.

Do the right thing, for the long term.

We act responsibly and with integrity to build enduring brands, to preserve natural resources, and to support the communities in which we work and live.

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